We do custom software

TINAM LP is a software development company, focusing on IT consulting, java software prototying and development, mobile development.

We have good expirience developing enterprise, rich internet, business intelligence applications and data warehousing. We are using modern technologies and frameworks to achive our goals.

Website Services

TINAM LP offers a broad range of complete end-to-end online solutions and services for small business owners, online publishers and the education industry.

Our core services include Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, SEO, Online Advertising and Systems Consulting.

Designing your website

Our web design work is tailored to introduce attractive graphical elements to support your branding giving your business a professional, modern appearance.

Our designers create custom made templates using an open source Content Management Systems as the foundation and platform for each website. The layout and structure of your site can be as flexible as you like, our designers are capable of producing highly complex, graphic rich layouts compatible with the most commonly used browsers of today.

Based on the information that you can provide to us, which could include a specific colour scheme, links to websites that you like, or already existing graphics – we can then quickly design a mock-up design to be approved by you. To ensure you’re getting exactly what you want we create at least 2–3 versions of the mock-up, adding any changes you’ve requested as we go.

TINAM LP provides unique graphic designs to meet your requirements, including interface design such as banners, buttons, icons, and we will blend your own branding into the theme as required — incorportating your company logo and colour scheme into the web design. We will design quality flash elements and animation as specified by your design brief.

Web site functional design

There are a number of functional design options to choose from when we design your web site. We will talk to you and listen to your unique needs and requirements.

Developing your website

We understand the complexities involved in developing various online solutions to promote and sell your products and services via the Internet. We specialise in the development of affordable web systems solutions and the implementation of strategic feature rich  easy-to-use online web publishing systems for you and your clients.

We specialise in building web systems for small business owners, online publishers and online education systems. We have experience in coding and developing custom build and centrally hosted web systems for online digital document repositories, content management systems, web portal systems and eLearning systems.

Our systems are uniquely tailored for the needs and requirements of each client. All of our websites have a unique look and feel in order to promote your business standing out in the crowd.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

With the online environment becoming increasingly cluttered, referrals from the major search engines are more important to small business than ever.

How can TINAM LP helps?

Our specialist SEO team understands what’s required to improve your rankings within the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc).

Using TINAM LP as your SEO specialists, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who works closely with each client to understand their business, target market, competitors and future direction.

Armed with this knowledge, TINAM LP SEO team provides a customised SEO strategy that will help;

We are highly driven by numbers!

Included within our SEO efforts are regular traffic analysis, keyword tracking, competitor monitoring and analysis as well as monthly SEO reports for each client.

Our reports detail your websites position, the effectiveness of our SEO efforts as well as changes that will be made to improve your organic rankings in the following month.

Online advertising solutions

We have developed online advertising solutions for publishers streaming ads from systems such as eyeblaster, doubleclick and openx. We will assist you to implement highly targeted advertising channels, keyword matching and competitor roadblocking modules attractive to your advertising clients.

We offer you a complete online advertising solution that can include encoding of the creative video, flash or standard branded banner images required for your client or internal house ads.

Systems consulting review

TINAM LP has significant experience in Business and IT Strategy alignment.

Cutting IT costs is always on the agenda of Business Leaders. Information Systems is a significant driver of the cost of doing business. TINAM LP systems consulting can review your information systems architecture and facilitate your business, in achieving a balanced approach towards business and IT strategic priority alignment.

There could be many hidden IT costs that a TINAM LP systems consulting review could reveal. Removing these hidden costs, in fact, can be done in such a way as to improve systems performance.

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