We do custom software

TINAM LP is a software development company, focusing on IT consulting, java software prototying and development, mobile development.

We have good expirience developing enterprise, rich internet, business intelligence applications and data warehousing. We are using modern technologies and frameworks to achive our goals.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design communicates to customers visually and is the fastest way to get a message to the target audience.

TINAM LP’ years of graphic design experience ensure a successful first step in the production of your next printing, marketing or promotional project. We take the time to learn your objectives and give each design project the individualized attention it deserves.

Consider TINAM LP your source for graphic design solutions that capture essence of your brand and the attention of your audience. From logos to brochures and more, we offer a complete range of graphic design services that complement our extensive offering of printed and promotional products. Let us create a design that makes a lasting impression of your organization.


TINAM LP excels in the role as our client’s business print production partner. Using a combination of state-of-the-art digital printing and technology-enabled solutions, our customer’s costs for printing procurement and obsolescence are dramatically reduced or eliminated. TINAM LP is recognized for innovative business solutions by creating alliances with manufacturers that exhibit the highest quality, integrity and cost efficiency in their industry. Our network of certified trade partners ensures quick and reliable access to capable suppliers.

Client Outsourced Production and Procurement Strategy

Printing continues to be one of the largest operating expenses for most businesses. According to the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, Printing Industries of America, companies consume nearly three percent of their annual revenues on print related production.

While printed collateral is still required in the overall marketing and operational function, many companies are looking for ways to increase spending in digital and social media networks. If your business is looking for ways to reduce your print spend to extend your budget expenditures, you need to consider TINAM LP as your outsourcing procurement and print management partner.

Benefits of the TINAM LP Outsourced Production and Procurement

Outsourcing essential areas of business operations is a sound business strategy with proven benefits. Many successful companies are increasingly outsourcing tasks in order to focus more closely on their core business. Functions that are commonly outsourced include human, information technology systems, and customer service functions.

With printing procurement being a non-core function within most companies, our analysis has uncovered that they are over printing, over stocking and over ordering print items. This lack of attention is the main reason that a lot of their print spend is wasted. Outsourcing with TINAM LP offers a more cost-effective way to address production and sourcing of print materials across company divisions, departments and geographic locations.

Did You Realize The Savings Opportunity?

By analyzing and optimizing work flows and production processes, TINAM LP customers consistently save 10% to 20% on just the print costs. Couple that reduction in spending with no longer needing to maintain up to date production equipment in-house and the savings realized can be enormous for a business.

How You Can Benefit From TINAM LP Print Management Services

The advantages of TINAM LP outsourcing print production and procurement services are maximized because we offer beginning-to-end management, including creative support, customization, reproduction, post production inventory management and logistics. In addition to taking over the time intensive, peripheral tasks of sourcing, procuring and delivering printed materials, TINAM LP can deliver benefits such as:

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